Cast Iron 12 inch Skillet BY7432 Reviews

Cast Iron 12 inch Skillet BY7432

Cast Iron 12 inch Skillet
Product ID: 002526
SKU: BY7432
Brand: Bayou Classic

Rated 4.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
3 reviews

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September 26, 20122/5stars 2.0

One would think that a cast iron frying pan only differs in size but this one surprised me! It is roughly manufactured and not at all smooth...not even on the cooking surface. I would not purchase another pan from this manufacturer.
July 10, 20105/5stars 5.0

Pans are great. Devilery was prompt. One of the four pans that you sent was seasoned. I didn't order them 'seasoned'; but wish I had done so. It took some time to get the new pans seasoned ... ready for use. Good Quality.
August 26, 20095/5stars 5.0

I spent a weekend in New Orleans and had such great cooking done in the black cast iron pan so as soon as I got back to New York i looked up the website referred to me. I received my 12 inch cast iron skillet and have not stopped using it. I had a little problem in the beginning seasoning the skillet but have not used it so many times that it is totally blackened and ready for use. I have a great receipe for bread pudding that I have made in the skillet in the over and then just grabed a pot holder and went visiting to friends home/ Everyone raved about it and the pan washes beautiful. Thanks for a great product.
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