Cast Iron Bacon Press BY7497 Reviews

Cast Iron Bacon Press BY7497

Cast Iron Bacon Press
Product ID: 002535
SKU: BY7497
Brand: Bayou Classic

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February 14, 20131/5stars 1.0

Unfortunately I didn't like the bacon press I purchased and am waiting for a pending refund. It was difficult to assemble, the screw heads were too small and kept slipping through the holes in the handle and base. When I finally got it assembled the handle was crooked and not 100% secure no matter how tightly screwed down. The clincher was the image of bacon fat and food lodging in and under the holes in the bottom of the flat iron and the prospect of disassembly and cleaning after each use was not for me. It's very poorly designed and difficult to assemble. Besides all that I loved it. Sorry!
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